Monday, August 15, 2005

Proposed Movie About Tymoshenko (and Saakashvili)

Radio Free Europe's newsline on Ukraine reported today that someone in Russia is intending to make an erotic film about a love affair between Ukraine's Tymoshenko and Georgia's Saakashvili; RFE also reported that it is not clear whether the film will be erotic or pornographic in nature. Hmm. . .given that Yushchenko has vacationed with Saakashvili, would it not be better to make a film about a homosexual love affair between the two men? And wouldn't that do more for the filmmaker's purpose, which is obviously to throw egg in the face of two countries that are strongly standing up to the Russian bear, which pathetically keeps yearning for the right to bully its neighbors? Oh but wait: given the highly intolerant character of Eastern Europe when it comes to homosexuality, such a tale would probably do poorly at the Russian box office or rental stores. But then again, given how intolerant things are, maybe such a story would catch on as something really humiliating. Whatever be the case, this film idea is at once both a potentially great moneymaking idea and also an exhibition of how pathetic some Russians' nostalgia for Empire is--as also is the stupid and offensive video game about shooting west Ukrainian natioanlists. It shows how pathetic some chauvanist folks in Russia really are. Maybe Tymoshenko should make the movie herself, just to wow the socks off her adversaries, jsut as she did when she worked her charm on Putin and made him blush during his first visit to Kyiv after the OR. Whatever; but learning of this news really pissed me off. Some people are really pathetic. . .especially men with a lot money who want to feel powerful and/or have a lot of money, and who are willing to punch below the belt, so to speak, in order to achieve either or both those goals. . .

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