Wednesday, December 21, 2005

World's Best Fortuneteller

My daugher Julija has already discovered her future profession. She is now offering consultations; however, she speaks in tongues so you will need a translator or to be fluent in Babieese.



Veronica Khokhlova said...

oh, she's soooooo beautiful!!!!!!!!! :-)))))))))

Marta is lying on my chest right now and i guess she's asking me, in that language of theirs, to say hi! to Julija!!!

Stefan said...

Thanks soo much, and congratulations to you, Mishah, and Marta!

I have heard that 2005 saw the birth of many more girls than boys; thus I want to say that, if the stereotype that women are more peaceable than men is true, then this is just what the world needs today! I sure hope that our little ones will grow up to make a world in which war is no longer viewed as the answer, whatever the EXCUSE to wage an offensive war may be!

Peace to you and your baby girl!

Btw, come to think of it, my daughter Julija has a 2 yr old cousin in Latvia whose name also is Marta.