Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Offer for an Election-based Orange Coalition from Our Ukraine

I am slowly getting caught up on a lot of reading and writing, so I have been posting things today and yesterday that are a few days old. Working full time and having an infant around takes up a lot of time; but hanging with the little one is the most rewarding of life experiences. . .

This is from the January 25 RFE/RL newsline on Eastern and Southeastern Europe:

'OUR UKRAINE' OFFERS COALITION DEAL FOR ORANGE REVOLUTION COMBATANTS.The pro-presidential electoral bloc Our Ukraine has appealed to political forces that supported Viktor Yushchenko's presidential bidduring the Orange Revolution in 2004 to sign a coalition agreementbefore the 26 March parliamentary elections, Interfax-Ukraine reported on 25 January. "Our potential coalition partners should recognize the president as the leader of an 'orange coalition,'"Roman Zvarych from Our Ukraine told the agency. Zvarych also said OurUkraine makes the formation of such an "orange coalition" contingent on its partners' readiness to annul the dismissal of Prime MinisterYekhanurov's cabinet by parliament on 10 January. Our Ukraine reportedly made its coalition offer to the Yuliya Tymoshenko Bloc, the Socialist Party, the Kostenko-Plyushch Ukrainian People's Bloc, and the electoral bloc formed by the PORA youth organization and the Reforms and Order Party. JM

I agree with the sentiment, but it really should not be someone of such questionable credibility as Roman Zvarych making this case.

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