Tuesday, June 20, 2006

2 Articles

I am back from my little Central to Eastern Europe adventure--Riga to Vienna to Budapest to Kyiv to Riga--and will have something to write about it, maybe, in the future.

For now, two good Kyiv Post op-eds worth reading if you have not:

How to understand Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko

by Taras Kuzio, rather (correctly) scazing about the man once thought to be contemporary Ukraine's savior

Ukrainians are not that easily fooled
(good analysis of Tymoshenko's past and personality that clarifies why she should be given another chance)

I read somewhere the other day that Our Ukraine had proposed Poroshenko as speaker;if true, that is f**in' ridiculous. Zvarych, Bezsmertnyj and Poroshenko. . .blah


The Ranger said...

I am glad to see you are back and I hope all went well with your travels. I look forward to reading your future post. Cheers Patrick

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
don't forget to blogroll/link to us www.newproject.org :)
Stefan Seitz.