Friday, September 29, 2006

Dyki Tantsi Juliji--Julija's Wild Dances

Watch the video

My daughter Julija is becoming evermore agile on her feet and is well into the start of her career as a folklorist! She is 15 months in this short clip that was recently filmed by her vecmama (Latvian for "grandmother;" Julka also has a baba) and assembled by her mama, Zinta, who is also in the clip, playing the accordion.



The Ranger said...

Wow , now that is one sweet little lady.Talented as well as beautiful. Glad to see you are back.

Stefan said...

thanks again, as always! you've got kids, so you know, but it amazes me how often julija surprises me with what she knows and is capable of doing. she of course understands a hundred times more about language than i am aware at any given moment--especially since at any given moment her little language-brain is busy picking up ten or hundred new words or so (i exagerate my point) and a bunch of new grammatical constructions--and she knows how to do a million more things than i think she knows at any given moment, too. and what a joy it is when she updates me or her mama or anyone else in a sentiment that can be summarized thusly as, "hey, y'all, you don't know the half about what i know!!"

this makes me think of another recent video clip i will have to post asap. . .