Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Hutsul Wedding, Part II

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Here is the second installment to the Hutsul wedding video. Part I was posted earlier, click here. There will also be a Part III.

Part I had footage of the rituals that take place in the morning just before the actual wedding ceremony at the church.

Part II has footage of the wedding ceremony and the rituals that precede the start of the wedding reception. It also has footage of the feasting (eating and drinking) and singing during the reception meal.

Part III will be of the dance after the meal. Turns out I had more footage than could be incorporated into two 10-minute clips!

Notes to Part II:

The footage of the church ceremony is not very good and I was tempted to leave it out, but it was necessary to include something from the ceremony.

The rest of the scenes should be self-explanatory. However, one thing I did not clarify in the video: Toward the end of this footage, during the reception when people are singing, there is a song during which people sing/shout the word, "Hirko!" In Ukraine--but also in much of Eastern Europe--people do not cling their glasses in order to prod the bride and groom to kiss. Instead, they sing a song whose verses are usually humorous and then shout, "Hirko!", which means "bitter," for the refrain. The idea is that when the couple kisses, the bitterness turns to sweetness. Also, it is not only the bride and groom who stand and kiss; others that are part of the wedding party or who are relatives of the bride and groom can be prodded to smooch, too.

To read a bit more about the Hutsuls and modern-day Hutsulshchyna, or the region of the Carpathians in which Hutsuls still live, read the comments to A Hutsul Wedding, Part I below.

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