Friday, November 04, 2005

My Own OR Retrospectives at Orange Dykun

From now until mid-January of next year, I will be playing around at my other blogger site (Orange Dykun) as well, posting the pieces that I sent to an email list-serve that I established in the course of my first ever stay in Ukraine (from June 2004 to February 2005) and in the course of the OR. The list grew from maybe 100 addresses of family, friends, and acquaitances to some 600 addresses, and judging from the comments from people that they were forwarding the pieces to others, I guess that well over 1,000 people at least recieved, if not read, them.

The pieces were loaded with typos and run-on sentences, etc., as my pieces here often are. I do little editing for my blog, and I am definitely the kind of writer that blathers away and then needs to go back and fix things up. But also, last year, I was writing so fast from internet clubs in various parts of Ukraine, as I wandered around the country to see with my own eyes what was going on in different parts of the country in the course of the OR. I often had to get on a bus somewhere soon, so I wrote what and how I could in short time periods. Oh well. Those uptight about spelling and grammar will be annoyed. So be it. But I think I will do some fixing-up of those pieces as I post them at Orange Dykun, and will sometimes add some more reflections, I guess. . .

As I catch up, I will post each piece one year from the original date that it was sent. I hope some of you will read over there, and comment. . .



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