Thursday, November 10, 2005

On the Road to a Documentary, II

Readers of this blog already know that I am working on production of a documentary on the Orange Revolution. It now has a title, Whose Revolution was It? The Orange Revolution One Year Later. It is intended to show some of the reasons Ukrainians had for supporting the OR, how it was organized, how it did not spring from a vacuum, and the role played by foreign governments in the making of the OR. Thus it goes into some detail about the history of resistance to authoritarianism and corruption in Ukraine, and will spend a good deal of time discussing the obstacles that the opposition movement had in organizing and motivating a mass movement against the oligarchy, a very key question. The doc was mostly conceptualized as an answer to those who have criticized the OR as either having been mostly organized through the US, or more simply, that it merely and unwittingly served the interests of the US and the West in general.

But it also will be easily viewed merely as a reminder of why people in Ukraine finally had had enough with the corrupt post-Soviet oligarchy, and of what they were struggling for in the first place last year.

I want to have it done in time for the parlaimentary elections, and there will be both English and Ukrainian versions.

So far I have interviewed professors from Lviv and Kyiv; activists, students, journalists, government officals, and businesspeople from Pidhajtsi, Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv, and elsewhere; ordinary people from various places; editors of the journal Ji based in Lviv; etc. I hope to go back to do more interviews soon, after the Holiday season, depending on financial resources. . .

So I will be posting little aphoristic pieces, with photos and stills from video, on this blog as I begin the post-production editing and piecing together of the film. These will be meditations as I piece the doc together. . .

This, by the way means that I am back in Minneapolis and am working with a Canadian friend with Ukrainian heritage (from Zhovkva, near L'viv) on the editing.

On the Road to a Documentary, Part II: Neglect

The Collapsed Top Two Floors of the Local Gymnasium in Pidhajtsi

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