Sunday, March 05, 2006

Julija pics at my fotopages (of my daughter, no nude Tymoshenko)

See 'em here. Life has been zainy. I truly admire those bloggers who can manage to post very regularly. I blog in spurts--flurries of activity that can last some weeks, then a week or two with narely a peep but for here and there. Wish I had the time for more regular posting. But then I would not have time for other things, such as lately getting back to work on the OR doc project and expanding my skill set into becoming the web and network guy at work (an ongoing project these past few months) and other stuff, always dancing. . .I won't bore you with more. But the major time-consumer these days: JULIJA! BUT I am blissfully consumed thusly! Go here to see pictures of Julija entitled: interested, curious, cute, pouty, mad, and happy.


The Ranger said...

She is a real doll. I remember when mine were that young. Thanks and keep her healthy.

Stefan said...

Thank you again for the compliment. You yourself have a handsome looking family, I gather from your blog. Good luck on your trip to Uzhhorod. This is a part of Ukraine to which I have not yet traveled, though I very much have desired to. Perhaps our paths will cross in the future, especially if you do end up buying a home there!

By the way, there is a Ukrainian Biker's Round Up that take place every July at an abandoned airfield just outside of the Kosiv/Sheshory area of Ivano-Frankivsk oblast in conjunction with the two town's Ivan Kupala celebrations. You will really wow the socks off people there with a loud and roaring American Harley Davidson! (If that is the kind of Bajker, as Ukrainians say, you are. . .)