Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Photos of My Favorite City in Ukraine

I just looked and realized that I have been posting mostly photos since Feb. 22. That's pretty darn bad blogging ethic, according to the Blogging for Dummies book (first edition, end of last year or just out this year) that I recently found myself stuck in during a visit to one of the few remaining independent bookstores in Minneapolis. The book didn't say anything that one can't figure out on one's own by simply starting a blog and going through the whole process of blogging itself.

Well, I am in St. Louis, Missouri on a contract job this week; love the job, but I have been too tired at night to read. I have no idea how things this week are progressing in Ukraine, but for the fact that back in Pidhajtsi, Hryts Kolodnytskyj is struggling to keep up with the stress of his job as head of the Shtab Tymoshenka (of the election campaign HQ for Yulia Tymoshenko) in Pidhajtsi. I get the feeling from family there that the town of Pidhajtsi will split in half for Yushchenko and Tymoshenko. .

Anyhow, below are some pictures of one of my favorite cities in the world, which is a most-favored city for many others as well, and which happens to be in Ukraine. However, it is a place with an exceptionally strong sense of local identity, where many locals--especially taxi drivers--will insist that they are more properly identified as citizens of their city than as belonging to either Ukraine or Russia. . .

It really is a city-state republic in character and mentality, so it seems to me, that already functions in a de facto way as an autonomous, city-state republic within Ukraine.

I wanted to post these and more to my fotopages, but something seems messed up with that site today.

Campaigning Last August

The Real Odessa

Romantic Odessa
Rich Odessa

(Containers Are Big Money)

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