Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Aslund and Lavelle: Up to Usual Tricks

I am really enjoying abdymok these days, for it seems that he and I are of the same basic mind regarding the Yushchenko-Tymoshenko dispute. For example, check this out, where he mocks Anders Aslund's most recent article on Ukraine with his own comments and emphases in bold print. Agreed.

And check out this quote from an article
about the situation in Ukraine by the sometimes interesting writer Peter Lavelle that disturbed me when I read it the other day (full article here):

Acting Ukrainian Prime Minister Yury Yekhanurov has ruled out the possibility of re-privatizations. He stated that "Where there are problems caused by election campaign promises of rivers overflowing with milk and honey, there will be a negotiation process, there will be a negotiating table, and, I think, there will be out-of-court settlements... I think our friends will understand the government's policy, and we will try to conduct negotiations as professionally as to not have problems afterward. So that they should live in Ukraine and not hide away on some islands." What sounds more like deal-making behind the scenes is now official policy.

My alarm about this fellow is still to be proven all for not.

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