Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Back to Ukraine Politics

Finally some major analysts are writing clearly that the division in the orange elite is about policy, and not just accusations of corruption, mudslinging, media parades/circuses, etc.

Here's a passage from an RFE
article published today on the RFE site; it's all about reform policy. . .

'Many have questioned, though, why Yushchenko should have resurrected the issue of Unified Energy Systems now, when apparently it did not trouble him when he asked Tymoshenko to be his running partner in the November 2004 presidential elections. Askold Krushelnycky, a British journalist who is writing a history of the Orange Revolution, believes the real issue is an ideological dispute over economic policy.

"The issue of reprivatizations has been one of the matters at the heart of the dispute because even during the end of the election process last year, before they'd even taken hold of government, he had said that privatization or renationalization, is not a word that he liked, whereas she'd already made clear that she wanted to investigate a huge number – 3,000 privatizations under Kuchma," Krushelnycky told RFE/RL.'

And then there is this from Taras Kuzio.

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