Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Incredible How Events Twist and Turn

As we all know by now, Ukraine's parliament failed to accept Yekhanurov as PM. There are all these new allegations of Tymoshenko offering $30,000 or so to deputies to vote against him. And today she has made a public plea to Yushchenko to give it another go working together--i.e., to have her form another govrenment.

Well, the last two weeks have led to some major polarization, and many people have taken their sides on the matter: "He's wrong," "She's wrong," "They all are wrong." The last one is my own, but in a qualified sense: They all have been wrong, but some more than others. But I won't try to convince anyone--or myself, even--to either believe or disbelieve in these new corruption allegations against Tymoshenko. I feel exacerbated by it all, finally, much like Neeka.

But one comment: If Yushchenko does accept the offer (I rather doubt he will), he can not create another situation where there are two parallel governments, one legimate and the other one basically unconstitutional. The paralysis of the post-OR government that led to the failure to deliver on most OR promises was due in large part to the fact that Yushchenko (unconstitutionally, mind you, by endowing the post of National Security Secretary with extra powers) positioned people with different ideologies of reform in strategic (and parallel) offices to the point that they blocked each other and got nothing done. There can be only one boss of the government and one approach toward reform.

Here's two good articles on these developments, from RFE:

1) Jan Maksymiuk, the Ukraine desk editor at RFE, writes an interesting
piece ("Orange Revolution Drowns Amid Mutual Recirminations) on what went wrong after the OR that ends on a totally non-objective note by giving a really biting condemnation of how the OR has failed and is, to his mind, completely over. . .I don't agree with the depth of his vindictiveness, but the article is an interesting read;

2) An
article of thoughts on Yekhanurov being rejected and Tymoshenko's plea to Yushchenko form another government with her, and what the future may hold.

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